Cocoa Butter

Organic Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
Cocoa Butter, also called Cacao Butter is extracted from cacao seeds, also known as "cocoa beans". Scientists know that the cacao tree originated somewhere in South or Central America. Some say the first trees grew in the Amazon basin of Brazil, while others place its origin in the Orinoco Valley of Venezuela. Wherever its first home, we know the cacao tree is a tropical plant that grows in hot, rainy climates and can only thrive within 20 degrees north or south of the equator. Throughout the year, the tree trunk and major branches sprout clusters of small, waxy pink or white five-petaled blossoms. Of the thousands of flowers that grow on a single tree only 3-10% are pollinated by insects. The pollinated flowers develop into mature fruit about six months later which become the pods that contain the seeds. The cocoa pods are an unusual site as they grow directly from the tree's trunk and major branches. Cocoa butter contains 12-18% flavonoids that have potent antioxidant activity. It also contains vitamin E, which is the strongest of all antioxidant vitamins. Continued use keeps the skin hydrated, and encourages collagen as well as elastin production. It is a natural emollient that melts at body temperature making it easily absorbed. This supports the skin's ability to hold water and therefore protects it from drying.