Cucumber Extract

Organic Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract
The skin-soothing cucumber originated in India and was cultivated for 3,000 years in western Asia. It was then introduced by the Romans to Europe starting with France in the 9th century, then England in the 14th century and on to North America in the mid 16th-century. The cucumber is packed with bioactive compounds that are both nourishing and beneficial in caring for skin. In addition to its hydrating water content, it is rich in antioxidants and other helpful properties. Vitamins C and K combat skin-damaging free radicals. Vitamin B-5, pantothenic acid is important with utilizing proteins and lipids for healthy skin. Vitamin A, retinol aids to promote skin cell turnover and the growth of healthy cells. Cucurbitacins, cucumerin and caffeic acid help with inflammation. The cucumber is also a source of silica which is a precursor to collagen, aiding to firm up sagging skin. And if all of these beneficial properties weren't enough, a cucumber has the same pH as skin does, which makes it helpful in maintaining the skin's protective acid mantle, and therefore warding off impurities. Quite an extraordinary array of benefits for a such a simple and common fruit!