Camellia Oil

Camellia Oleifera (Tea Seed) Oil 
Like green, black, white and oolong teas from the same plant, camellia or tea seed oil has exceptional antioxidant properties. And although the seeds and leaves contain caffeine, caffeine is a water soluble compound that is not present in camellia oil. The fruit consists of several small chambers containing seeds that are capable of producing between 40-50% of oil. (Although camellia oil is often referred to as tea oil or tea seed oil, it should not be confused with tea tree essential oil which comes from a different plant.) Among camellia seed oil's most powerful properties is it's over 80% oleic acid content, making it an excellent transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds that penetrate deeply into the skin and helping to enhance our own natural collagen and elastin. Additionally, camellia seed oil possesses a unique constituent known as squalene which is an important component of our skin’s natural emollient system that can help restore elasticity and improve appearance.