Squalene (Olive)

Olive (Squalene) 

Olive squalene is different from olive squalane. Squalene with an 'e' is naturally found in human sebum and is a precursor to the production of important lipids which is a key factor for youthful looking skin. Generally, at birth about 12% of our skin has squalene. In our mid-to-late twenties our squalene production begins to decline and by sometime around age 50 can drop to below 5%. To further clarify, squalane is a cheaper hydrogenated version of squalene that is designed to have a longer shelf life, however due to the hydrogenation process squalane is not bioidentical. We use the more expensive, squalene in our formulation for maximum skin benefits because it is the form naturally found in skin. Rapidly penetrative squalene is a powerhouse ingredient that can work wonders for achieving radiance and olive squalene is the richest plant-based source available.