Rock Rose Oil

Organic Cistus Landaniferus (Rock Rose) Oil 
Cistus Landaniferus, otherwise known as Rock Rose, is hearty shrub with lanced shaped leaves and fragrant white flowers. The pure, steam distilled essential oil we use is made from the ariel parts of the plant. It's exceptionally high polyphenol content far surpasses more commonly known antioxidant stars such as green tea and elderberry. These antioxidants can combat free radicals and possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties helpful for inflamed skin conditions of all sorts. It is also antiseptic and astringent, which helps to tone and tighten the complexion. The special oil we use in our skincare is not to be confused with an absolute made from the plant's resin that requires solvent extraction and leaves behind a toxic residue in the oil. Pure, steam distilled cistus essential oil can be considered a powerful tool in the fight against aging skin with it's combination of unique attributes that help to boost cellular rejuvenation.