About Our Ingredients

At SkinDressing.com we’re committed to purity and integrity, and strive to help our customers understand what promotes the healthiest skin. We invite you to read through our carefully selected glossary of skincare ingredients—inclusive of the most sought-after variety such as organic rose & argan oils, immortelle, probiotics and plant stem cells. Our Really Good™ uber-nourishing skincare products are wholesale for everyone, made fresh and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re also certified cruelty-free and vegan. Everything is non-gmo and also extremely close to being palm-free (except for a minute percentage in our face soap but we're working on that). We always source the USDA certified organic version of an ingredient whenever it is consistently available. 

As we await certification from a third party organization (whose standards are as high as ours), any ingredient stated as organic on our labels is purchased from a qualified supplier from whom we've obtained a current copy of their organic certificate. This certificate states the company, certifier and NOP compliance, effective date, issue date and anniversary date (to show if it is a current certificate) and additional wording required on all certificates. The documentation also includes a summary page and list of all their certified products and NOP compliance.

So, be sure to visit our individual product pages to read what’s on the labels.

'Natural' ingredients you won't find in our skincare products: 'plain' water, 'plain' glycerine, phototoxic essential oils, absolutes, 'vegetable' emulsifying wax, butters made with hydrogenated oils, honeysuckle 'flower extracts', 'grapefruit seed extract', parabens, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, mineral oil of any grade, synthetic vitamin E oil, synthetic tocopherols, synthetic fragrances...and many, many others. All plastic containers are safe and recyclable resins (PP, PET and LDPE), filled at appropriate temperates to avoid any leaching and we also use glass.

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